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Past President: Talent Managers Association

Former Executive Council: NAAM

First President: Missouri Film Alliance

Scott Arthur Allen 2_edited.jpg

While Scott-Arthur was in class one evening, he was pulled aside by legendary acting coach Sandy Meisner. He said to him, "I am not sure what yon are doing, but keep doing it because it works.“ Soon after, Mr. Allen landed a recurring role on the hit TV series "Emergency,” followed by appearances on "Police Story" and "The Young And The Restless," as well as in films such as The Battle Of Midway and Blake Edwards' S.O.B.


One evening, Mr. Allen begrudgingly taught an acting class at a local studio as a favor to a friend. To his surprise, he fell in love with the beauty of teaching and shortly after made the bold decision to step away from his acting career and take on the mantle of Acting Coach. Little did he know, this choice would be a defining moment i n his life.


Fast forward three decades later - Scott-Arthur had become the founder of Creative Actors, responsible for training actors such as Heather Locklear and Tea Leoni, when he made another move toward directing. 


As his career progressed, he became known as a respected talent manager and served as President of the Talent Managers Association, as well as serving on the Executive Council for the National Association of Artists Managers (NAAM). He was also instrumental in forming the Missouri Film Alliance and was elected their first president after relocating to the state with his wife.

In Memorium: 2015

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