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IMDb: IMA Content

Membership: Full

Member Since: 2017

After having lived abroad for many years calling Monaco, Paris, Brussels, New Jersey and California home, Scandinavian talent manager Maria Vascsak began her career in the entertainment business in Stockholm, Sweden. In the short time since creating and opening her Boutique Talent Management and Production Agency, IMA Content, she has amassed an impressive list of international talent from major entertainment hubs such as Los Angeles, New York, London and Stockholm, Sweden.With a BSBA from International University of Monaco, Vascsak used her managerial and rebranding skills early on in the world of real estate and retail, before being approached about the opportunity to yet again rebrand herself, and start managing actors. Immediately accepting the challenge, Maria Vascsak, herself of Swedish-Hungarian descent, instinctively knew that she wanted to branch out and work abroad, widening the scope of her business.


Understanding the value of international, multi-lingual talent, she started signing actors she knew would fit the bill.Working closely with her clients, her unique style of custom fitting the individual actor’s needs with her wide reach in the community, she has been able to accomplish a great deal in a very short time.Quite impressively, Vascsak is the first Swedish talent manager to become a member of the Talent Managers Association in the US. Her collaborations in Hollywood have also created some wonderful opportunities for her as well as her clients. Successfully producing the Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival in 2017, IMA, Content was also able to send hosts, Mikael Spreitz and Angelika Roberts, as well as one of the presenters, Elise Rovinsky, to the star studded event. Bringing in sponsors like Kanon Vodka, Rekorderlig Cider, Celia Organic Beer among others.IMA, Content has grown exponentially and continues to expand, connect and collaborate within the entertainment industry with Maria Vascsak at the helm.

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