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IMDb: Symington Talent Management

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CPS-000195451 | 07/03/2023


James Symington is the founder and CEO of Symington Talent Management, a boutique talent management firm recognized by the entertainment industry as the source for gifted actors with prolific language abilities, intelligence and an international flare.  James guides the careers of his exceptionally talented clientele by connecting them with the right resources - publicist, agent, acting coach, stylist – and opportunities.  Through mutual respect and trust, he carefully nurtures his gifted artists to promote their growth, strategic exposure and creative exploration.  

As an extension of his role as manager, James also may serve as producer or executive producer of various client projects – linking talent, funds and production companies. Prior to establishing Symington Talent Management, James spent more than a decade in the film and television industry as an actor, director, producer and writer, gaining in-depth industry knowledge and connections. 

While James’ Hollywood contacts and experience are abundant, his Hollywood attitude is not.  He is renown for his ability to cultivate and create breakthrough roles for his emerging artists and to empower and coach his seasoned talent to aggressively advance their careers. 

This dogged determination comes from his notable career prior to becoming a talent manager.  He served 13 years as a decorated policeman in Canada where he led his department’s K-9 Unit and was an active search and rescue manager, SWAT team leader, officer safety instructor, firearms expert, Employee Assistance Program referral agent, suicide intervention officer and underwater search and recovery diver. He also held positions with the Mounted Division, Harbor Patrol and Street Crime and was active in numerous charities.  These years of highly intense, noble work engendered him with a contagious zeal, yet sensitivity and practicality that is a rarity in the entertainment industry.

James received international acclaim following the September 11 terrorist attacks, when he and his now world-famous K9 partner, Trakr, found the last survivor buried beneath the rubble.  For their heroic efforts, James and Trakr were presented the Extraordinary Service to Humanity Award by Dr. Jane Goodall, United Nations “Messenger of Peace.”   A righteous man and compassionate dog lover, James fought his police force unit’s misguided leaders to prevent the euthanasia of former K-9 dogs, including Trakr.  

James spends his free time training and rescuing dogs, working primarily with difficult-to-train and rehabilitation dogs. He is an active member of various rescue organizations. In addition to consulting with adopting families to help ensure a successful integration between family and dog, James rescues and fosters dogs until a safe home can be found.  James currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Angeline and his five German Shepherds.

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