To be considered for Full Membership, an applicant must have been in business as a full-time talent manager for two (2)  years or more. Alternatively, if the applicant was a documented casting director or agent (not assistant or associate/junior) before becoming a manager, their time in that role can count towards this requirement. Full members are eligible to run for office after one (1) year of membership unless voted upon by the Board of Directors.


To be considered for Associate Membership, an applicant must have been in business as a full-time talent manager for at least one (1) year. Associate Members go through the same application process as Full Members and pay the same membership fees as Full Members. Associate Members will be entitled to all member benefits with the exception of voting privileges and holding office; voting privileges will be available once Full Membership is approved, which can be requested through their sponsor once the member has reached two (2) years as a full-time talent manager and six (6) months as an Associate Member. Associate Membership does not guarantee Full Membership.


To be considered for Corporate Membership, an applicant must be a full-time manager at the firm of a Full Member who has been a member in good standing for at least one (1) year and agrees to Sponsor the Corporate Member. Corporate Members are permitted to attend all TMA events and meetings, but will not receive voting privileges or be eligible for Board or Committee Chair positions. 


There is a one-time non-refundable application fee of $200.00 for all applicants seeking Full or Associate membership. If a prospective member’s application is denied, they will receive a refund of $250.00. Payment is due at the time of application. The application fee is waived for Corporate Members (an application fee is required if a Corporate Member wishes to become an Associate or Full Member).


Yearly membership dues for the TMA are $250.00, which are paid annually for all full, associate and corporate members. 


The total amount due at the time of application is $450.00.


All application fees and membership dues are paid via ACH bank transfer, Zelle (via, cashier's check or money order. We no longer accept checks. 


Please complete the online application for membership. The vetting process takes anywhere from 2-5 weeks to complete. All applications must include:


  • Two (2) PDF letters of reference on company letterhead - one from a licensed talent agency who represents a client with the applicant, and one additional letter from any one of the following: casting director, producer, studio executive, entertainment attorney or a second licensed agency who has worked with you as a manager. Music Managers are permitted to submit two (2) references from the second section. These references cannot be members of your firm and cannot be family members. Both references must be attached at the time of application. All references will be called and verified;

  • One (1) PDF scan with your application that includes a blank voided business check that includes your company and a copy of your company business card;

  • A link to your IMDbPro listing, which must include a minimum of two working clients;

  • Music managers who may not represent clients registered on IMDb must include a website for their company that details an active client roster of a minimum of two working clients.


  • If an applicant has been an actor in the past, they cannot have performed in any capacity for at least one (1) year prior to submitting their application for membership and cannot represent themselves as an actor;

  • A member’s only clients cannot be their children;

  • Members are not permitted to charge advance fees in any capacity – that includes charging management clients for acting classes, photography, website listings, submissions, membership, annual fees, registration, PR payments, administration or office fees, processing fees, housing fees, or collecting money from clients in any way other than commissions earned from booked work. Members cannot have any arranged financial interest in photography services, PR firms, scouting events or acting workshops that would be considered a requirement for management representation and therefore construed as an advance fee. Failure to comply with this exclusion will result in immediate termination of membership;

  • If the member also coaches, consults, teaches or has publicity services, this is only acceptable if they do not charge their management clients for this service AND they have the following disclaimer on their website starting at the time of application and continuing throughout their membership term: "Our management clients do not pay any upfront fee for any service. We work strictly on a commission basis for our management clients";

  • The member’s management website must be separate from any other services websites.


All applicants will be given a Sponsor from the current Board of Directors (or in some cases, a current TMA Full Member). Applicants are permitted to request a Sponsor of their choice at the time of application, though these requests are not guaranteed. A meeting/interview with the Sponsor will occur during the course of the vetting process.


  • The Ethical Standards and Code of Ethics of the Talent Managers Association must be followed by members at all times. Non-compliance is grounds for immediate termination;

  • Members must be interested in actively participating in the advancement of the profession of talent management and positively supporting their peers;

  • New members must attend the first meeting after their membership is approved. Members are encouraged to attend all meetings and events in order to fully experience the benefits of their TMA community;

  • All members must actively participate in at least one committee of their choice.


Members are permitted to take one leave of absence of no more than six (6) months due to illness or financial hardship. The member must be up-to-date on all dues at the time of their request. If a period of more than six (6) months is needed, the member must re-apply for membership unless approved by the Board. 


Membership (Full or Associate) can be terminated at any time upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee and by approval of the Board of Directors. If the member is terminated, all fees and/or dues that have been paid by the Member are considered non-refundable.